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If you are thinking of saving and are unsure of where to invest, we offer advice on a range of Savings and Investment Accounts through a number of Financial Institutions that provide a good rate of return.

Our Savings and Investment Plans include:

  • Regular Savings
  • Instant Access
  • Short, Medium, Long Term Savings
  • Investment Funds
  • Low or No Risk/Lower Return

We can advise you on the various Bank Guarantee Schemes including the Irish Government Bank Guarantee Scheme and Eligible Liabilities Guarantee Scheme (ELG Scheme) which came into effect in December 2009.

The fees and charges applied by the various institutions can impact on the overall return on your investment. We can advise you on how best to minimise this impact.

Before investing, ask yourself:

  • How much risk am I prepared to take?
  • What sort of return to I expect?
  • How long to I want to invest for?
  • What are the tax implications for me with this investment?
  • Do I want a regular income from my investment or would I like to achieve capital growth?
  • Is this a once off investment or will I be saving/investing on a regular basis?
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