Capital Allowances

You could be owed thousands of Euro by the Government

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Thank you for contacting SCK Group, the dedicated Capital Allowance claims professionals. Our services is highly specialised (so you don't have to be) and involves claiming large tax refunds for our clients... people just like you.

Capital Allowance Claims/Wear & Tear Allowances

  • If you own commercial property, there is a 96% chance that you qualify for a substantial income tax or corporation tax refund.
  • If you own one or more houses or apartments, it is very likely you are entitled to unclaimed tax allowances for many of the fixed assets.

If you qualify, we will work alongside your accountants, not in competition with them, to secure a large tax refund for you or your business.

You have nothing to lose.
No Claim - No Fee

Unlike many of our competitors, we tell you exactly what it will cost you. There are no upfront fees, no unexpected add-ons, and nothing at all to pay unless you have a valid claim. Our fee is just 7.5% of the allowances we identify for you - no separate survey fees; no extra payments at all.

It could even be free!

If we fail to identify €12,000 of claimable allowances, you will owe us nothing; we will give you our report free of charge, so you can pursue the claim yourself if you wish.

Best of all...

Are you running out of S23's, losses forward or making profits, because of the restriction of interest paid on loans?

Capital Allowances can be offset against rental profits. If a company owns the asset, you can use the allowances against any other company's taxable profits within the same tax group.

What are Capital Allowances?

When you spend money buying or improving a property, Revenue allows you to offset some of that expenditure against Rental profits. They are available to anyone buying, building or improving commercial property, furnished holiday lettings (FHLs) or houses or apartments.

Case Study:

We contacted SCK Group on moving into our professional office, and allowing all the usual furniture, computers, partitions on a 4500 square foot office, SCK Group discovered an extra €338000 of allowances which saved us over 160000 over eight years on our personal income tax.

Any other Solicitors, Architects, Auctioneers etc who have bought their own freehold building, please contact us.

Surely my accountant does all this

Well... yes and no. Tax laws change pretty frequently nowadays, and even when the wording doesn't change, the interpretation often does - based on successful challenges and the resulting case law. This case law creates opportunities for specialist advisers like us to help people and companies like you.

Am I entitled to claim?

Private individuals as well as businesses can claim capital allowances. This means that some of your expenditure can be deducted from your taxable profits, thus reducing your tax bill. Most accountants believe that movable plant and machinery, such as office furniture, qualifies for capital allowances, whereas anything immovable (like walls and roof) does not. But that's only part of the story!

Claimable allowances normally amount to 20 - 40% of the investment in the property (Purchase and Refurbishment costs).

4-step guide to claiming:

  • Step 1
    Sign an agreement allowing us to identify claims on your behalf.
  • Step 2
    Provide us with simple basic details of your premises.
  • Step 3
    Allow us access to your premises to inspect, take photographs and produce a report.
  • Step 4
    Send our report to your accountants for their agreement and signature, before submitting to Revenue. From beginning to end, the whole process takes about 8-10 weeks.

It sounds too good to be true... there must be some hidden costs.
No... there are no hidden costs at all.

Should we fail to identify €12,000 in unclaimed capital allowances, there are no fees whatsoever for your to pay. There is absolutely no catch: we do not charge a penny unless you have a valid claim.

There are just three conditions:

  1. You must be an Irish taxpayer - Income Tax or Corporation Tax
  2. The Property must not be held in a Pension Fund
  3. The Property must not be held by a Charity
Seamus C. Kane
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